Mac g5 ppc 2.0 dual


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Power Mac G5 - Technical Specifications

Preliminary specifications based on preproduction Power Mac G5 units. Compatible ISP and telephone services required. Your ISP may not support all V. Modem will function according to V. Actual modem speeds lower.

Weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. Product contains electronic documentation.

Apple "Late 2005" dual-core 64-bit PowerPC G5, IBM 970MP

Backup copy of software is included. Order no. G5 Processor.

L2 Cache. Frontside bus.

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  4. Power Mac G5 Dual (Late ) | Low End Mac;

Hard drive 5. Optical drive. PCI slots.

Power Mac G5 Dual (Late ) | Low End Mac

Two internal hard drive bays 1 occupied ; one optical drive bay. AirPort Extreme ready based on A products from Apple or wanted a 3. As has been well documented, the transition to 90nm was a lot more difficult than IBM or Intel anticipated. As a result, the debut of the Rev. B Power Mac G5s was delayed Finally, on June 9? Apple announced a new lineup of G5s. The few who were still expecting 3.

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Product: PowerMacintosh G5 Dual 2. While they were announced on June 9, , the first Dual 2. Supplies on these remain tight as of this review, due to poor yields of the 2. Apple splits their products into three buckets: Good, Better, and Best. Within those three categories, the machines can be custom configured to some extent.